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We start with a standard menu of the most common items..... Then adjust it to meet your needs.

Our standard "finger food" buffet includes..................

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Remember.....When we quote you a price for your event, it covers EVERYTHING concerning the food, right down to the napkins !

No Surprises !

For Catering questions . please call, or click here to send an E-mail

We can custom design a menu to fit any taste.

 BBQ sandwich with all the fixin's on styrofoam plates with plasticware.........

...or A formal meal on gold rim china, with stemware and cutlery .

We Have You Covered !

No matter what menu or style you choose, we take care of Every detail, but You are always the one in charge!

( Don't let a caterer take over your big day- it should be done the way You want it )



Need a Few Home Cooked Ideas ?

Just Remember- these are only suggestions....

We create the menu you desire, at the price nobody can beat !

Main Dishes
Sliced honey ham
Pineapple teriyaki chicken (boneless breast)

Meatball combo (sweet, teriyaki, bbq)

* BBQ hickory pork (chopped)

Hot wings combo (mild, hot, lemon pepper)

Chicken tenders

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Chicken parmesan with spaghetti

Chicken Cordon Bleu

Country Fried Chicken

Beef and Chicken fajita bar     

Mequite grilled chicken breast                    

BBQ Chicken breast

Southern Fried Chicken 

* Crunchy almond chicken casserole

Oriental Stir fry

* Wild rice stuffed Chicken breast

Beef tips with white rice  

* (favorites)               

Side Items

potato salad                                                                               
cole slaw
brunswick stew
southern style green beans
corn (plain, fried or mexican)
mac & cheese
steamed squash
steamed cabbage
Rolls or corn bread
side salad
mixed steamed vegetables
collard greens
mashed potatoes
black eyed peas
Lima beans
seasonal fruit platter
cheese and cracker platter
Creamed potato and gravy
steamed mixed vegetables
Artichoke Spinach dip
baked potato
white, brown or spanish rice
Baked cheese and broccoli casserol
Glazed carrots


Cucumber spread on rye

Asparagus ham roll up

Cream cheese deviled eggs

Blue cheese turkey roll ups

Jamaican onion shrimp

Chicken salad pastry cups

Lemon cream stuffed grapes

Mexican pinwheels

Smoked salmon cucumber canapés

Crab stuffed snow peas

Jalapenos with olive-cream filling

Berry smoked turkey pinwheels

Cheese stuffed cherry tomatoes

Crab stuffed cherry tomatoes

Spicy shrimp salsa and chips

Garlic oregano dip with sourdough

Bacon tomato dip in bread bowl

Carved melon with assorted fruit

Fruit assortment volcano arrangement

Veggie assortment with dip

Ham cream cheese balls

Spinach dip

Deviled crab dip

Chicken spinach crescent

Asparagus in puff pastry

Pesto bruschetta

Crab mini quiches

Cheese straws

Pepperoni pinwheels

Blue cheese bacon date wrap

Stuffed baby red potatoes

Bacon wrapped chicken poppers


banana pudding
chocolate cake
Lemon cake
Strawberry cake
Baked cookies
chocolate dipped strawberries
chocolate fountain (strawberries, pound cake, pretzels, marshmallows) ($50.00 per 25 guests extra fee)









Luncheon or Shower menu (for less than 50 guests) $14.50 per  guest

From the lists above.....

Choose one appetizer, one main dish, three side items and one dessert